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Un Tapis de Danse pour le Mali

The FLUXUM Foundation is sponsoring the project, UN TAPIS DE DANSE POUR LE MALI: SOLIDARITES

Showing solidarity with the contemporary dancers in Mali
After its “a pharmacy for the dance center” project (fall 2009), the Sud-Sud/Cie Gilles Jobin Project is organizing a solidarity effort to buy and deliver a dance mat to Mali ahead of the Bamako Dance Festival and the biennial Danse l’Afrique Danse, Rencontres de l’Afrique et de l’Océan Indien (October 2011).
The Gilles Jobin Company encourages solidarity and suggests that all performing artists (dancers, choreographers, critics, technicians, public) sponsor “linear meters” of a dance mat (total cost: 10,000 CHF). The group has partnered with Culturesfrance to offer the shipping costs. The mat will be awarded to the Donko Seko de Bamako, association, so it will be able to offer training and performances across the country.