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Trisha Brown Dance Company

Trisha Brown, Early Works
Trisha Brown, Early Works
Loïs Greenfield

A conference was held on Tuesday, October 29, 2013 at the FLUX Laboratory with Dr. Sarah Burkhalter (director of the French-speaking Swiss branch of the Swiss Institute for Art Research, SIK-ISEA) called Dancing at the Edge and on Paper – architecture and drawing in Trisha Brown’s work. “The audacity of Trisha Brown’s choreography springs from her contact with architecture and drawing. By tipping over the usual scales and sites of dance, she has dealt new cards for feeling, performing, ordering, and watching movement. As radical in its conception as it is airborne in its practice, her work reveals the contrasts, but also the connections between the performing, the building, and the visual arts.”
It was followed by the screening of Trisha Brown Early Works (1966-1979), a selection of films and video clips from filmmakers like Babette Mangolte, Carlotta Schoolman, and Jonathan Demme, among Brown’s 18 major performances.

Trisha and Carmen (1988), by Burt Barr 
The gripping story of the 1987 production of Carmen, directed by Lina Wertmuller and choreographed by Trisha Brown, focusing on the central image of Carmen’s seductive walk towards her lover.

Aeros (1990), by Burt Barr
A look into the production process as it evolves over two years of work on Trisha Brown’s Astral Convertible. (1989).

The Trisha Brown program is a production of the ADC. Repertory pieces at the BFM are offered in partnership with the Théâtre Forum Meyrin. The evening of film and conference is presented in conjunction with the Flux Laboratory.
The entire project is brought to you with the support of JTI.
Screening and performance by Trisha Brown Dance Company, Inc. 
Distribution and representation Trisha Brown Dance Company, inc. www.trishabrowncompany.org, diffusion et représentation internationale Thérèse Barbanel / Les Artscéniques. 


Trisha Brown, Early Works
Trisha Brown, Early Works
Loïs Greenfield