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15.03.2007 - 30.06.2007

Trans Warhol, Opéra danse

Trans Warhol, Opéra danse
Trans Warhol, Opéra danse

After three shows at the Bâtiment des Forces Motrices (BFM) that were met with enormous enthusiasm, Trans-Warhol continues to grow both nationally and internationally in its many forms.

It’s an opera dance about Andy Warhol inspired by the collection of interviews called “I’LL BE YOUR MIRROR” published by Kenneth Goldsmith.

...Probably no other cultural icon in the world has been interviewed as often as Andy Warhol. His character was closely linked with the media and wherever he went, the press followed. His witticisms became “warholisms” and his remarks, truisms...
Kenneth Goldsmith, author of The Selected Andy Warhol Interviews, 1962-1987.

Production: FLUXUM Foundation and FLUX Laboratory, Geneva
Choreography, Scenography: Nicolas Musin
Composer: Philippe Schoeller

Fluxum Foundation would like to give special thanks to the Warhol Foundation, Kenneth Goldsmith, Gretchen Berg, Jordan Crandall, and Michael Hermann for their support.

Trans Warhol, Opéra danse
Trans Warhol, Opéra danse