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26.09.2003 - 28.09.2003

Terres Chaudes - Isadora Duncan


Legendary barefoot dancer, a woman of the earth who followed where her emotions led her;
a rebel 
a memory 
dazzling and disappearing
in the peaks and valleys of passing time.

The Ariana, a museum,
an imposing neoclassical architecture,
collections of earthenware,
fragile, unmoving;
so many fragments from memories far and near,
a land still warm with the fragmented history in man’s memory.

Silence! In this space of all eternity, suddenly dance appears...

Five dancers and a flutist pick up the thread of memory inside the museum,
at first they are mute and frozen in enormous felt costumes.
Then comes movement-wobbling, stirring, thrusting, action; 
the bodies emerge from the costumes, the dancers evolve freely
at times alone, at times in unison.
They walk, they run, they leap, they take up fragments of space, joining their presence to bits of the past.

Suddenly, movement freezes
The lights go out
The flute is hushed

leaving a lingering impression, an emotion...

La Fondation FLUXUM 
L'Association du Fonds du Musée Ariana (AFMA) 
Les Musées d'art et histoire (MAH) 

Concept, choreography & costumes: 
Nicolas Musin 

Felix Renggli 
Music : 
Toru Takemitsu 
- Air 
- Itinerant 
- Voyage 

Les Musées d'art et d'histoire de la Ville de Genève 
ABCdance company 
Musée du Québec 
Studio de l'Agora de la Danse 
Jose Limon Institute, Company & Foundation