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11.09.2017 - 10.12.2023

Residence Sébastien Boucher

Residence Sébastien Boucher
Residence Sébastien Boucher


As a prominent figure of the underground hip-hop movement, Sebastien Boucher conceives numerous projects to make the movement live, bring it to a wider public’s attention and share the richness of dance globally, which is for him a tool of personal fulfilment. 

Alongside his experience within the hip-hop movement and circles, Sébastien also made his mark on the dance scene presenting his creations with the ADC in Geneva. 

Sébastien is a dancer, a jury, a teacher as well as the artistic director of the Groove ‘N’ Move Festival, but his residency at Flux Laboratory Geneva from September 11th to 15th will be as dancer and choreographer. Together with two other dancers and a video mapping artist, he will be working on a new creation: “Insula”.

“Insula” is a multidisciplinary project combining hip-hop and digital art, striving to explore the artistic potential between two contemporary urban arts: hip-hop and video mapping. Various dance techniques will be exploited – popping, hip-hop, house – in order to bring out different energies. 

A project to discover in the course of 2018… 

Choreographer : Sébastien Boucher
Dancer : Sébastien Boucher, Jerson Diasonama, Janice Garcia 
Mapping : Sophie Le Meillour 

Residence Sébastien Boucher
Residence Sébastien Boucher