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21.01.2018 - 30.11.2023

Residence Antonin Rioche

Oh Boy!
Oh Boy!
© Antonin Rioche


French dancer and choreographer Antonin Rioche will be in residency at Flux Laboratory Geneva from the 21st until the 26th of January 2018 in order to work on his new project “Oh Boy!”.

During the 2017 Eastman intensive summer week, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui offered him the opportunity to develop his ideas and work in his own studio. This is how the idea of the project “Oh Boy!” was born.

For his first solo, he worked on the feeling of “solitude”, well-known among dancers, often traveling alone, going from one hotel to another, drowned in airport crowds. Solitude in its essence, and not as a feeling; the type of solitude society forces us to reject.

“Oh Boy!” is an experience that reminds you those times you felt alone.  The piece puts on stage Benjamin Behrends, who will find himself in situations of adversity, movement, effort, exhaustion – be it physical or mental.

In every heart there is an area of loneliness that noone can reach. Antonin thus believes that the only sincere and genuine thing one can share is his own solitude.

Choreography: Antonin Rioche

Choreographer’s assistant: Inès Depauw

Dancer : Benjamin Behrends

Sound : Niels Plotard

Oh Boy!
Oh Boy!
© Antonin Rioche