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24.09.2016 - 21.09.2023

#rencontre by Ciemulator danse-theatre

(c) Charles Mugel

Flux Laboratory and the Fluxum Foundation are delighted to collaborate with Ciemulator dance-theatre and to present the show #rencontre the 24st of September at l’Hôtel de Ville of Geneva as part of the Geneva democracy week.

New technologies shape our relations to society and influence our everyday life. Alice only lives through her mobile phone and forgets the environment that surrounds her. She neglects her older sister Jeanne who, overwhelmed with work, has to take care of familial responsibilities alone.

Eluna is victim of the judgment of a generation who lives in a virtual world to which she is indifferent. Nevertheless, Alice’s conflict affects her. She helps her realized the consequences of her dependence and her isolation.

In this new dynamic, Alice meets Julien, an educator of the neighborhood. This encounter opens new opportunities and raises the question of human relationships. Is Sophia’s friendship who is constantly connected fulfilling?

#Rencontre by Ciemulator dance-theater

Democracy week
"Dance, new technologies and society"
Hôtel de Ville's courtyard

(c) Charles Mugel