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12.09.2019 - 14.12.2019

Nino Migliori - Movi-Ment-Azione : Eight stories of movement

Nino Migliori, Economic Body, 2015
Nino Migliori, Economic Body, 2015
© Fondazione Nino Migliori

The Fluxum Foundation will present from 12th September to 14th December 2019 the exhibition Movi-Ment-Azione: eight stories of movement by photographer Nino Migliori.

In the front row, a man with a cap convulsively photographs the performance unfolding before his eyes, enthusiastic, curious and amused by this new opportunity to create images ... such was our first encounter with Nino Migliori. The beginning of a story.

Start a story ... Simple enticement or firm invitation to action, conversation, meeting, imagination. It is the thread that connects us to each other that the Fluxum Foundation invites you to follow to discover the images of these moving bodies and what they tell us.

With his black and white images taken in the 1950s, Nino Migliori is linked to the humanist movement and the aesthetics of Italian neorealism. But it is mainly through his experiments and questions about the potentialities of photography that his work belongs to modernity and plays a resolutely innovative part in the History of photography. The exhibited works trace the incredible ingenuity of the Italian photographer throughout his career until today.

The movement and the way in which photography can account for it have profoundly influenced the work of Nino Migliori. From his first photographs, Nino Migliori has been sensitive to the movement of the body in space. To catch a group of children jumping over a wall or seminarians playing volleyball is a desire to go beyond the limits of the still image and to oppose the "do not move!" from the photographer of yesteryear.

It is through eight timeless stories of movement proposed by the photographer Nino Migliori that the visitor will be led to analyze and better understand the movement.

The exhibition is accompanied by a book published by Slatkine Publishing and prefaced by Jean-Luc Monterosso, founder of the European House of Photography. The book will be available from the Fluxum Foundation, Slatkine Publishing and bookstores.

Opening on Thursday September 12th from 6pm
in presence of Nino Migliori and Jean-Luc Monterosso

Exhibition from September 13th to december 14th 2019
Fondation Fluxum, 5 rue de la Muse, 1205 Genève 
Wednesday to Saturday, noon-5pm

Nino Migliori, Economic Body, 2015
Nino Migliori, Economic Body, 2015
© Fondazione Nino Migliori