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22.05.2012 - 25.05.2012

Monteverdi Amours Baroques

Choreography: Noemi Lapsezon

Monteverdi sought to move passions, or “movere gli affetti” as he said. Choreographer Noemi Lapsezon has taken the composer’s words literally: she makes use of some of his most beautiful madrigals so this moving of passions can be heard, seen, and felt simultaneously. In her production consisting of dancers, singers, and musicians, dance does not illustrate the music, it reveals the music’s visual identity. The language of the body and the language of music go beyond the confines of words to become one. The words being sung and the dancer’s movements blend into a single breath, a single sensuality, a single inspiration, to reach the very heart of emotion.

The Fluxum Foundation sponsored the video recording of this program.