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07.06.2011 - 10.12.2023

"MIX 3", Ballet Junior

"MIX 3", Ballet Junior
"MIX 3", Ballet Junior

On June 7 at 8 p.m. in the ADC hall, Flux Laboratory and the Fluxum Foundation are presenting Mix 3, the latest show from the Ballet Junior de Genève. The Fluxum Foundation has been sponsoring the Ballet Junior for 10 years.

A four-part dance program:
Pulsework, choreography Alexander Ekman During this performance, the dancers of the Ballet Junior keep the beat by using their bodies as actual instruments.
Creation, choreography by Ioannis Mandafouni, is about listening and the group dynamic. The point of the show is to demonstrate to the audience how important communication between the dancers is.
The Top of my Head is not the Top of the World was reworked by Stijn Celis for the dancers of the Ballet Junior. 
Zerodegrees in a new version by Ken Ossola. Several actors are complicit in going over the line in a microcosm they have created on stage for themselves.

Information and reservations: agenda@fluxlaboratory.com 

Phone +41 22 308 14 50, avant le 31 Mai 2011 

"MIX 3", Ballet Junior
"MIX 3", Ballet Junior