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10.04.2015 - 13.04.2015

MIA Art Fair Milan

Economic body
Economic body
Credit photo Erik Widman

Fluxum Foundation and FLUX Laboratory have the pleasure to present, within the framework of Mia Fair Milan, for the first time in Italy, the performance
"Economic Body".
The objective of the project is to explore, through the choreographic practice and the direct participation of the audience, the theories of the social and economic sciences.
This initiative began several collaborations with Stockholm School of Economics, Copenhagen Business School and the Bocconi University of Milan.
"Economic Body" is a study, a choreographic essay and a dance show by Anna-Mi Fredriksson. Her ambition is to examine the relations between academic research and choreographic process and explore the existing correlations.
The performance is a part of a bigger project, the FLUX BOX. 
THE FLUX BOX is a tool of inspiration and communication, inviting companies and public to discover and to be inspired by original projects created by the Flux Laboratory and the Fluxum Foundation, with the aim of making an artistic contribution to the entrepreneurial context.
The presentation of the performance will be followed by a conference on Saturday, April 11th at 4:30 pm, concerning the relations between art and business administration to which will participate academic personalities stemming from various Universities of Economy of international fame which took part in the project.

Performance - Conference

Performance :
Economic Body: private viewing to MIA Fair Milan on Friday, April 10th, 2015 at 7:30 pm
April 11th and 12th representations of the performance at 12 am and at 4 pm to MIA Fair Milan 
Anna-Mi Fredriksson and Art Division - Stockholm School of Economics
Concept and choreography: Anna-Mi Fredriksson
Dance: Kajsa Sandström and Mia Hjelte

Conference :
"Crossing boundaries"
The contemporary path between Arts & Management
Connecting management to art and supporting artists/students to explore their special creativity
On Saturday, April 11th at 4:30 pm, Mia Fair Milan.

Miss Benedicte Damslora, Art Division Stockohlm School of Economics
Professor Paola Dubini, Director of ASK research Centre Bocconi University
Miss Anne-Mi Fredriksson,  founder of Art Division Stockholm School of Economics Sweden
Professor Pierre Guillet de Monthoux, Director of Art Initiative at Copenhagen Business School Denmark
Madame Cynthia Odier, Fluxum foundation and Fluxlabor Geneve Switzerland

Economic body
Economic body
Credit photo Erik Widman