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08.05.2015 - 10.05.2015

Geneva's Dance Celebration

Geneva's Dance Celebration
Geneva's Dance Celebration

Projections of movies and dancing lessons
Sunday, May 10 from 11am till 6pm, FLUX Laboratory, Carouge.

Flux Laboratory presents a program in the context of its involvment to Geneva's dance celebration: projection of movie supported by the Foundation Fluxum and dancing lesson: the voguing, the yoga and the ragga.

Artificial Landscapes - Jeremy Tran (11 am)
Hundred volunteers dancers and not dancers compose a sensory landscape, illustrating, through poetry and through movement, the paradoxes of the human being. Duration 25 min.

Plans-Fixes dedicated to Noemi Lapzeson (11:30 am)
Since 1977, the Plans-Fixes Association realizes filmed portraits of French-speaking Switzerland personnalités. 
In the form of interview with journalist, every movie is turned in 5 static shots of 10 minutes each, in black and white, in the single day, a single place, without cuts. They realize here a portrait of Noemi Lapzeson that we have the pleasure to present in preview at Flux Laboratory. Duration 50 min.

Dancing lessons: 
1:30PM till 2:30PM: Ragga Dancehall - Mixdance 
3:30PM till 4:30PM: Poledance - Aerial Dance
5PM till 6PM: Yoga Swing - Aerial Dance
Bookings within the limit of available places:

Geneva's Dance Celebration
Geneva's Dance Celebration