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13.05.2016 - 15.05.2016

DADA Centenary Celebration - Performance project "Lagune" Denis Savary

"Lagune" 2015/2016, Flux Laboratory Geneva
"Lagune" 2015/2016, Flux Laboratory Geneva
© Daphné Bengoa

On the occasion of DADA Centenary in 2016, Fluxum Foundation and Flux Laboratory present a new agenda of cultural events in relation  to the celebration. 
Taking for central reflection the theme " How to give a price to values? ", we propose an exclusive program of conference, readings, performances and exhibitions in two phases, from 05 till 10 February 2016 in Flux Laboratory Zürich, then from April 24th till May 08th 2016 in Flux Laboratory Geneva.
In this context, the Foundation invited the visual artist Denis Savary to develop a performance, "Lagune", inspired by the work of the artist Sophie Taeuber Arp.
It is a flexible and evolutionary thirty minutes performance which consists in reproducing on stage or in an open space, a city with reduced size. A city among which the various constituent elements - facades, ramparts, towers, noises etc. - will be carried, moved, put in act by six dancers and a puppeteer, Evelyne Villaime, with the support of the dancer and young choreographer Jeremy Tran.

"Lagune" will be presented in Zurich, Paris, Geneva and Athens on the following dates: 

4.02.16 SIK-ISEA Zurich from 6pm
5.02.16 UZH Ethnographic Museum Zurich at 7 pm
10.02.16 Cabaret Voltaire Zurich at 8 pm
11.02.16  Flux Laboratory Zurich at 7 pm
22, 23.03.16 Swiss Cultural Centre Paris 7 pm
21.04.16 Flux Laboratory Geneva 7 pm
13, 14, 15.05.16 Musée d'Ethnographie de Geneva 7 pm
19.05.16 National Museum of Contemporary Art in Athens (EMST)

Direction : Denis Savary
Choreography : Jérémy Tran
Puppets : Evelyne Villaime
Dancers: Alizée Duvernois, Ambre Dunand, Laurent Le Gall, Kayije Kagame, Leandro Villavicencio, Paul Girard
Sets : Denis Savary and Juliette Roduit
Creative advisor: Daphne Bengoa
Music : Daphné Bengoa and Denis Savary
Costumes : Vanessa Schindler 
Technical: Luc Job
Production et technical : Fondation Fluxum et Flux Laboratory 
Documentary (film et photography) : Daphné Bengoa

Acknowledgements: The Fluxum Foundation would like to thank the archives of the department of ethnomusicology of the Musée d’Ethnographie de Genève for sharing the audio recordings taken from the Archives Internationales de musique Populaire (AIMP).

Link for the teaser of the performance below:
Lagune teaser


Link for the video of the performance at Flux Laboratory Zurich below:
Lagune at Flux Laboratory Zurich


Link for the video of the performance at the National Museum of Contemporary Arts of Athens below:
Lagune at the National Museum of Contemporary Arts of Athens

"Lagune" 2015/2016, Flux Laboratory Geneva
"Lagune" 2015/2016, Flux Laboratory Geneva
© Daphné Bengoa