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19.05.2017 - 21.09.2023

"Action", Ensemble Vide

"Action", Ensemble Vide
"Action", Ensemble Vide

The Fluxum Foundation supports "Action" from Ensemble Vide to Arcoop.

Multidisciplinary creation - video, dance, music

This creation project is a commission of the Ensemble Vide. A procession. A group movement. An organized trip to show and hear. The articulation of an invitation. From these simple elements, the two videographers Sergio Andrade and Sébastien Sozedde create images, put them in motion and project them onto the walls and floor of the building. In counterpoint and in the same dynamic, Nathalie Tachella sets in movement extras: work of collective expression, manifestation of bodies, looks on our life in common, our social capacity, our need to live together. And to perfect the visual unity of this procession, Karima Habbes dresses the actors. A costume creation that makes bodies and souls shine. As for the music, there are not less than fifty young musicians and musicians who will invade the space playing enchanting melodies!

Sergio Andrade & Sébastien Sozedde: video creation
Nathalie Tacchella: choreographic creation (distribution)
The Cadets of Geneva. Direction: Raphaël Hugon
Karima Habbes: textile creation and costumes

"Action", Ensemble Vide
"Action", Ensemble Vide