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In the 21st century, after forty or so years in existence, video gaming has become the most profitable sector in the entertainment industry. Yet its place in the cultural dialogue is far from equal to that of cinema, in particular. And it is only recently that video games have begun to inspire artists. Here the group continues to seek a hybrid form between motion design, graphic design, spontaneous movement, and electronic music. PLAY is a cross between a game and a drama where the story is partially rewritten at every performance. The actor-players constantly reconfigure the space to discover new possibilities each time. What are we playing at? That may be the question the gamers in PLAY wonder about the most often. Welcome to a world of ever-changing dimensions. JUST PLAY IT.

Choreography and performance: JOU & Louis-Clément da Costa
​Musical production: POL
Lighting: Florent Naulin
Motion design: Maxime Chappet
Scenography: Christophe Guérin

PLAY, by Speedbattles, is sponsored by the Fluxum Foundation. Shows at the Théâtre de l’Usine, April 9-14, 2013

Photo ©Dorothée Thébert Filliger, danseur : Louis-Clément Da Costa