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Was BillyBoy* Barbie's be-atch?

BillyBoy* gave an exclusive reading of a chapter from his autobiography, My American Family, In One Era, Out The Other (to be published), that examines the concept of identity and identification, of how we perceive and reflect back images of stereotypical models that have been imposed on us by advertising from the sixties until today, particularly his own experiences with Barbie dolls. 

The recital included an original dance with dancers wearing trompe l’oeil costumes inspired by Barbie’s wardrobe created by BillyBoy* in 1984 while original BillyBoy* music played (when he appeared as a guest on Lala’s album, The Lost Album, Dinemec Records, 2009). Also included-videos and archival images from the sixties to the eighties.


Was BillyBoy* Barbie's be-atch?
Was BillyBoy* Barbie's be-atch?